Patty Paper Interleave
Converted waxed paper for interleaving between meat or cheese.
Steak Paper
Specialty or Standard sizes of Green and Peach Steak Paper. Great for display cases.
Waxed Sheet Paper
Wet Wax or Dry Wax Sheets. Available Single or Laminated. Various paper weights and coating weights.
Bulker/Roll Stock
Available for any roll paper style machine, Single or Laminated. Wet Wax or Dry Wax.
Picking Paper
Bakery style for picking up cookies or doughnuts.
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Patty Paper Interleave



Converted waxed paper for interleaving between meat or cheese. We have standard sizes but offer any size needed for your application. Compatible with all food forming paper-fed machines.

Single Waxed Sheet

Offered in lightweight, heavyweight, or silicone typically used for fresh meat patty interleaving. Eighteen (18) FDA Approved Paper wrapped packages of patty paper; 20,000 sheets per case and then 14,000 sheets per case.

Laminated Waxed Sheet

Two single sheets laminated together and waxed for easy separation of frozen product. Eighteen (18) packages of Saf-Pak; 14,000 sheets per case.

Octagonal Waxed Sheet

Available in Single or Laminated Waxed Sheet. A nice looking package for bags or boxes.

5/16" Hole

Single hole, Double hole, or Triple hole. Available in the Single, Laminated, and Octagonal Waxed Sheets.

Custom Sizes

Available in Single or Laminated Waxed Sheets with or without a 5/16" hole.

Printed Sizes

Available in Single, Laminated, and Octagonal Waxed Sheets with or without a 5/16" hole. Randomly printed with your company logo.

PPI's versatile range of paper has helped raise the food safety bar. The way PPI packages their product differentiates the company in the food safety area. Where most patty paper producers use string and cardboard to package their patty paper stacks. PPI provides a patented FDA approved individually wrapped paper packaging system. Individually fully wrapped packages keep each stack of interleaving paper clean and sanitary until it is used for interleaving along with the individual sheets being protected from environmentally introduced contamination.